Medical Expert Opinions:
Our staff can perform Fitness for Duty Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Insurance Claim Evaluations, and Critical Incident Response Services. Our experts offer objective psychological and psychiatric opinions that assist you in making the right decisions.

Neuropsychological Screening
This evaluation is designed to determine whether there is evidence of cognitive problems that can be detected with neuropsychological tests. It provides a provisional diagnosis, description of cognitive deficits, treatment recommendations, and any recommended restriction and limitations.

Psychological or Psychiatric Evaluations These assessments are designed to determine the claimant’s functionality and any medically indicated restriction and limitations.

Fit for Duty evaluations
A review of all the medical records and a evaluation of the claimant to determine the person’s functionality as related to their job description.

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Specializing in Neuropsychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Family and Couple’s Psychotherapy, Youth and Adolescent services,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Dual Diagnosis, Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing, Memory Evaluations and Boredom Management